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Jordan Jupin – Shuffle (France)

Singer, songwriter & producer

Marus D-s

“It’s when you try a Dowina, you know how an acoustic guitar should sound like. It is definitely the best choice for my fingers and the perfect sound for the unplugged version of Shuffle’s songs. Comfortable and beautiful, powerful or soft, in studio or on stage, I’m always amazed when I play my Dowina guitars”




Steve Cooney  (Ireland)

professional guitarist and composer

Granadillo HC

“I recently got a  Dowina Hybrid model, nylon stringed. It has been superbly put together with an extremely solid construction,  creating a sense of stability . All the woods used are of the finest grade: my luthier was very impressed, as am I. The intonation is spot on, which is fundamentally so important to my style of playing  – sweet old Irish airs. There is a terrific resonance and the sustain is exceptional. Although it’s already sounding robust and true, I’m looking forward to hearing the sound mature over the next few months, and see what other tone colours come to the surface. I certainly recommend the Dowina Hybrid model to anyone who is interested in a crossover sound…”


Sébastien Hogge  (Belgium)

professional guitarist and composer

Amber road GAC 

“I play the Dowina guitar since 2016, for my first solo album “Consortium” tour, of which the style travels between finger picking, funk, jazz and folk. I’m going on playing a lot of concerts in my solo formula, but also in a quartet, using this guitar. It really fits my playing style because you can exploit the percussive side thanks to the strong resonance of the neck and the sound box, and it offers a wide panel of sounds, which makes it highly polyvalent in a lot of styles.
You can also feel the experience of the workforce and the quality of materials.”

Miki Birta (Hungary)

professional guitarist

Cabernet GAC LH

“I’m left-handed. As a guitar player, this fact determines my entire career. For a moment, if you look at any of the guitar ranges of any instrument store, you can see how many percentages it can be achieved in a left hand. Usually less than 10. I live in the right-handed world and a narrow layer of what’s available to me. Well, since this is a “work tool” for me, it’s not easy to live and work that way. The most striking surprise was that Dowina was talking to me about the fact that there was no problem at all. For the first time in my life I tried many models, and based on the experiences of my own ears, I could choose the wood, the color, the hardware, the neck profile and all other important features of my future instrument. A wonderful instrument was made. For me, and left-handed. Discreet, not ridiculous. For example, there are no inlays on the fretboard, except at fret 12 wich has a wonderful “M” alphabet (Miki) I used to play Dreadnought models in the past, but they are not really suitable for solo style. Vintage Cabernet is ideal for both sound and gaming. The instrument is full on the full spectrum, which is very important for solo play. I use 13 strings in a spooky tuning called perfect 4th drop D. This means D6-G5-C4-F3-Bb2-Eb1. Its essence is tuned to normal and tuned in perfect fourth. The sound of the instrument is much stronger and reacher. This is a wonderful instrument and many thanks to Dowina!”

Andrea Sulovská (Slovakia)

singer & songwriter

Amber road GAC DS

“When I got my dowina guitar I realised that the instrument can be a motivation. In my case it is always like that. 
It sounds like that the guitar has a soul and that sound is amazingly deep. It will always be my favourite one. 
 I’m proud that we produce such a high quality guitar in Slovakia and I can recommend it to the whole world.”

Katarzia (Slovakia)

singer & songwriter

Dowina D888E

“Kde sa hlava na hudbu pripájať začína
kľúčovým partnerom je moja Dowina”

Jana Kirschner (Slovakia)

singer & songwriter

Dowina Chardonnay DCE

Jana Kirschner is the most awarded Slovak singer. Her debut album was released in ´97. She became very popular two years later, when her 2nd studio album “V cudzom meste” has been released. The album was awarded the Music Academy in two categories: Artist of the Year and Album of the year. In 1999 she won the Golden “Slavik” in the category of singers, in the same year the newspaper Pravda included her among the 10 personalities of the year. Jana Kirschner has filled up the lack of solo singers in the domestic music scene. She also got commercial success in the Czech Republic after the release of her album “Mohlo by tu být i líp“. Her following albums Pelikán album” and the CD “Veci čo sa dejú” in ´04 were also very successful. In ´05 she has moved to London to work on her album “Shine” with the excellent British producer Ross Cullum /famous for working with Tears for Fears, Enya, T. Amos, B. Ferry /. On May ´10 her latest CD “Krajina Rovina“ was introduced. There are no doubts about her maturity; the album reflects Jana as a tremendous musician and a strong personality with a warm heart.

“My thanks go to Petko Marinov for making the perfect guitar for me.”


simona-podpisSimona Martausová (Slovakia)

singer & songwriter

Dowina GA999S with Stage Pro Anthem

” Dowina was the first guitar in my life which I picked up and suddenly knew that I wanted no other. We somehow fit each other – it is very comfortable to play and it does even smell lovely to me. With Dowina I wrote most of my songs and that’s why I treat it as a part of my inner musical nature.”

Caroline HitlandCaroline Hitland (Norway)

singer & songwriter

Dowina DE-111 LE

“I have been playing with guitarist Stanislav Pocaji since 2007, and I can say after he started playing on Dowina guitars, our performance truly reached another level. Recently I invested in a Dowina DE 111, which will be my new Love Companion, travelling between Norway and Slovakia.”

Anička VeselovskáAnna Veselovská (Slovakia)

singer & songwriter

Dowina Cabernet GAC

Anna, familiarly called Anička by whole Slovakia, was the biggest musical breakthrough of the last year. She was the youngest artist and preferred finalist of the popular music competition „Hlas Česko Slovenska“, Czechoslovak version of The Voice . Both nations were amazed by her full, vibrant and charmingly husky voice. The fact that she accompanied herself on guitar on most of the songs was appreciated by the audience as well as the jury. After the end of the song contest she has remained popular and her debut album is keenly awaited . Anna had been playing Marris guitar for couple of years, but when she laid a finger on Dowina Cabernet GAC, she fell in love with it. She instinctively chose a guitar with resonant and clear sound that creates a perfect contrast with her mystic voice. We are proud to present you this unique young talent playing the unique guitar.


Juraj Hnilica and Michal KulichJuraj Hnilica and Michal Kulich (Slovakia)


Cabernet GACE-s

“Nice sounding wood with Slovak spirit. I was very happy to discover high-quality guitars which are made in our country. My Cabernet GACE with Sitka Spruce top board has an excellent sound and got me interested from the beginning. I can play it just the way I need it to play wherever I am – at concerts or in the studio, the sound is clear and specific. It’s visually attractive and all details are greatly crafted. My thanks goes to guys from Dowina for their professional attitude and to Mr. Petko Marinov for an excellent job!”


Chardonnay DCE

“Dowina entered my life as a lightning out of a clear sky! One day we were sitting with my friends by the fire and all of a sudden one of them brought a Dowina guitar with words: Here you go, play on this! This is a guitar! I didn’t forget it since the first pluck and now I have my own. I chose Chardonnay DCE. It’ has a beautiful tone and body which has a spirit – the feeling when I can play it is inexpressible. I’m getting closer with my guitar every day and it’s also a kind of responsibility for me to play it – to hear a real truth of music in it. Let me thank very much to Mr. Petko and Boris Stefanek.

  Juraj Hnilica – Blázon




Tim Broadbent (France)

Dowina D999 S

“So why DOWINA for me??

Playing more or less professionally for over 40 years, I found myself in my local guitar shop last year with time to kill but no real intention of buying. I was picking away on a few well-known brands when the owner said ‘Try this’. He handed me a Woody 999S. Talk about love at first pluck! The open-pore finish (love the wood binding), action, intonation, sustain, neck comfort, response……..not to mention the AMAZING value for money won me over and the guitar was put to one side while I went to get the cash machine. On stage I now use ONLY the Woody (actually 2 Woodies, since last week!!). I hardly need to touch the tuners and even when using a capo that neck is just a dream to play. Mainly a finger-picker, the wider nut is easy on the fingers, heavy strumming doesn’t create a tuneless jangle like many guitars in this price range (and above) and I get a lot of enquiries about the guitar I’m using (through an LD Maui column PA). You guys deserve a lot of success and I’ll do all I can to promote Dowina.”

Tim Broadbent presents his Dowina guitars and plays Step it Up and Go




Sándor Nánási (Hungary)

Sandir Experience

.Dowina DCE222

I still remember for the very first moment I played on this guitar and I’m pretty sure I will never forget it. The response of this instrument strongly shaped the way I play, and even how I think about music.




JCE 222

Pete Flamo (Hungary)

Musician – Sailor – Vagabond

Dowina JCE 222

“When the trees grow from the soil in harmony and the master treats that wood with
respect to create a guitar, a musician can feel that straight away. Our obligation is
pass this energy on to people. When I met Dowina the first time, I felt like the
outstanding quality,the well-built body and the perfect neck were just for me. The
Canadian Cedar jumbo body gives a kind of a natural reverb to the
sound.Well…I thought that`s something I could use.”

Pete Flamo – Escape from the Metropolis
Pete Flamo – Steps
Pete Flamo – Good Hopes





vladimir_dimov Vladimir Dimov (Russia)

Dowina DCE333CED


“Dowina guitars are very good! 
When you take it for the first time in hand – at once you understand as coolly it is made
I use acoustics quite a lot and now I precisely know that Dowina the best!”

Feodor Dosumov DOWINA DCE111Feodor Dosumov (Russia)

Dowina DCE-111 LE


Juraj Burian - Video

Juraj Burian (Slovakia)

professional guitar player

Woody D 999

ELÁN, Vašo Patejdl, Pavol Hammel, Jana Kirschner, Adriana Bartošová, Zuzana Mojžišová, highly sought-after and versatile studio musician (jazz, rock, fusion, world music, folk, bluegrass…), scholar at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

“I have known Dowina guitars since their creation and am probably one of the first players who started using them. I have carefully followed the journey of Petko Marinov, the spiritual father of these guitars, and look forward to what will be next from him. I play a 2-year-old model D 999, but have to say that the new series, Chardonnay, surpassed all my expectations. I already look forward to selecting another masterpiece.”

Stano Počaji (Slovakia)

professional guitar player, composer, producer

Pauferro JCE-S LE (Custom Shop)

“My Dowina guitar is from the high-end custom shop series. After many months of searching for the ideal guitar, this one won my internal competition, beating even much more expensive guitars of famous brands. I love to use it for our duo with the Norwegian singer Caroline Hitland. My Dowina is beautiful, it has a delicate and flexible sound, the playability is great, the tuning is perfect. It is well balanced in every position. The Fishman Prefix electronics with a tuner only supports the comfort of playing and the all-over usability of this instrument. I use the Fishman Soloamp amplifier with my Dowina guitar and I just love the sound! Fingerpicking, solo playing, as well as a plain chord accompaniment, everything comes out so easily! I have used my Dowina guitar for many gigs, including a rhythm section without any inconvenience. You can see for yourself on some of our videos here:

If I ever decide to buy a new guitar in future, I will definitely take a look at what Dowina has been up to. Dowina guitars are great quality instruments and they are a delight for the player’s eye, ear and touch, as well as for the listener’s soul… 🙂 “

Artur Gadowski

Artur Gadowski (Poland)

rock musician

Dowina Chardonnay JCE

“Through many years I didn’t want to play with the band on the acoustic guitar at our pareformances. There was one reason – I’ve never had a good instrument. When I took the Dowina Chardinnay JCE guitar for the first time I thought that it should be changed. This amazing instrument sounds great and playing on it is wonderful feeling.”

Henry TÓTH (Slovakia)

professional guitar player

Dowina DCE-111 LE

“Even though electric guitars are my main domain, I had had many acoustic guitars in my life. My expressive and dynamic way of playing requires a guitar that can handle big pressure all over the whole dynamic and harmonic range. It is a paradox that after long years of searching, Dowina DCE 111S-LE was the guitar that has fulfilled all of my requirements. I say “a paradox” because although this guitar comes from the primary Dowina series, it surpasses guitars of much higher price categories.”

Gábor Gajdácsi (Hungary)

Ganxta Zolee band member

Chardonnay JCE

“The dream of every guitar player is to have an acoustic guitar with a beautiful sound. I had tried many instruments before finding Dowina Chardonnay. I was immediately impressed by the tone color of the instrument. The neck of the guitar is comfortable and precise. The characteristic sound of the instrument provides a pleasurable listening for the audience and an inspiration for the player. And that’s all a musician expects from its instrument.”

Vít RokytaVít Rokyta (Czech Republic)

professional guitar player: Fleret band

Palosanto DCE (Custom Shop)

” My Palosanto has a big solid wooden sound. This is exactly what I am looking for in an acoustic guitar. I really like the adjustment of every Dowina guitar. These guitars are so comfortable to play and although the string action is relatively low, no buzzing or change in dynamics occurs. What a beautiful piece of singing wood!  Thank you! ”

Stano Palúch (Slovakia)

violinist, guitarist, mandolinist: Jana Kirschner, Druhá tráva, Pacora trio, Zuzana Mojžišová, much sought-after and versatile studio musician (jazz, world music, classical music, old music, folk, bluegrass…)

Chardonnay DCE

“My Dowina guitar is balanced in every aspect. It reacts fast and has a comfortable and ergonomic design of the neck and fingerboard. Its electronics accurately capture the sound of wood. I am especially impressed by this guitar’s perfect intonation. My first instrument is the violin, but this guitar restored my passion to play and improve as a guitarist. This is an all-purpose guitar, ideal for both solo and accompaniment playing”

Vadim Bušovský (Slovakia)

guitarist, vocalist: leader of Dorian Gray, Double Trouble

Chardonnay JCE

“As I have tried dozens, even hundreds of guitars, I have a good idea of how a guitar is supposed to sound. I was surprised by this guitar’s considerable sustain. It has no dead tones in any position, even though there are registers where a sensitive ear can hear differences in sound brilliancy. The overall sound of the guitar characterized by an outstanding and sonorous mid-range, but as I play more solo lines than accompaniment, this is an even better match for me. The upper range of the guitar is supported by a strong and ‘woody’ mid-range, which stands out during aggressive solos. But what really fascinates me most about the Dowina Chardonnay JCE, is its superb intonation. In no position do I find notes that evoke the sense of not being in tune. My final and subjective verdict is: GREAT GUITAR FOR A GREAT PRICE.”

Maťo Zajko (Slovakia)

professional guitar player: Jana Kirschner, Peter LipaSoňa Horňáková,…

Chardonnay DCE

“I am excited. Although I own expensive guitars from some of the world’s most famous brands, I use Dowina more and more. Dowina guitars offer a beautiful and balanced sound with precise intonation. These features make this guitar a great help in the recording studio. I also like their attractive design and wonderful satin finish. Congratulations, Dowina! Chardonnay is comparable to the best guitars by prestigious producers.”

Štefan Lengyel (Slovakia)

professional guitar player: Jana Kirschner band

Dowina D333S-LE

“The first time I met Dowina guitars , when my friend Martin Zajko showed me his Chardonnay and I really liked it, altough I’m more into heavier strumming style.I went to the store and tried  D 333 – LE series with the “Bear claw ” Sitka top. Goal ! Not too bright, tight low end, made for heavy picking and strumming. It’s the ideal workhorse for me.I use it on live gigs as well as in the studio, and I’m always satisfied with it.Thank you!”


Bystrík (Slovakia)

guitarist, vocalist, winner of the national contest ‘Coca Cola Pop Star’

Chardonnay DCE

“This is a brilliant guitar for the stage and studio. Finally, I have a real instrument to play. Thanks!”

 Axel Freudenberger (Germany)


 Cabernet GAC

” I am very happy with this guitar and I like both playability and sound very much! My best regards and thanks again for making such great guitars!”

Mišo Kovalčík (Slovakia)

guitarist: Janek Ledecky band, Grexabath (with Marian Greksa)

Chardonnay JCE

“Dowina Guitars are a big surprise for me in the most positive way. The instrument’s intonation is excellent, which, unfortunately, is not always the case with some famous brands. All the Dowina guitars I tested had a high standard of sound — it was hard to find a bad one! Aesthetically, they satisfy the eye. The top plate of cedar, grown and crafted here in Slovakia, gives the guitar a very well-balanced character. I am the owner of a super-jumbo Chardonnay JCE, which is fitted with the electro-acoustic B-Band system. This, in contrast to the classic piezzo, yields a qualitative step forward in the natural sound of the acoustic guitar. I need such a guitar for my work in the studio and for live performances. I am glad I finally own an instrument which perfectly fulfills my requirements.”

Ľuboš Ďurech (Slovakia)

professional guitar player

Chardonnay JCES-LE

“I use my custom shop Dowina Chardonnay guitar since the year 2009. I played it on more than 200 concerts, taking place in small music clubs, as well as on big stages as a support for the I.M.T. Smile band on their unplugged tour 2011. I love to work with this guitar in a recording studio. In a combination with acoustic amplification, the usability of this guitar is limitless to genres. My guitar is characteristic for its brilliant and solid sound. It is assembled with great Fishman Prefix plus-T electronics, which I consider to be one of the best preamps out there. I have tried many guitars, but my guitar always compared excellently to much more pricey models of well-known brands. Buying Dowina Chardonnay guitar is one of the best investments I have ever done.”

Ľuboš Ďurech

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