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Tim Broadbent

Tim Broadbent (France)

Guitar: Dowina D999 S

“So why DOWINA for me?? Playing more or less professionally for over 40 years, I found myself in my local guitar shop last year with time to kill but no real intention of buying. I was picking away on a few well-known brands when the owner said ‘Try this’. He handed me a Woody 999S. Talk about love at first pluck! The open-pore finish (love the wood binding), action, intonation, sustain, neck comfort, response……..not to mention the AMAZING value for money won me over and the guitar was put to one side while I went to get the cash machine. On stage I now use ONLY the Woody (actually 2 Woodies, since last week!!). I hardly need to touch the tuners and even when using a capo that neck is just a dream to play. Mainly a finger-picker, the wider nut is easy on the fingers, heavy strumming doesn’t create a tuneless jangle like many guitars in this price range (and above) and I get a lot of enquiries about the guitar I’m using (through an LD Maui column PA). You guys deserve a lot of success and I’ll do all I can to promote Dowina.”

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