Dowina Guitars by Series

Antique Series (solid top)

Antique series is more then just substitution of Woody series. In the guitar construction, used materials are some subtile changes which will increase quality of tone, workmanship and playability. All models above Marus have ebony fingerboards. The model names have direct connection to rich antique history and to our Genius Loci.

Puella means Girl in old Latin language and is firstly recorded in Fulda Anals from 864 year as translation of old slavic word Dowina.

Marus is an antique name of river Morava located near our factory.

Rustica – the name is derived from an important archeological excavation of Roman homestead named Villa Rustica near our factory – 1st. century A.C.

Danubius is an antique name of river Danube.

Luna Silva (“Moon Forest” in Latin) the marking on the Ptolemaios map ( 1st.century A.C.) of nowadays Low Carpathians. Dowina reef is the first hill of these mountains.

Vintage Series and Master Series (all solid)

Vintage guitars are for those who appreciate a superior guitar sound, just as a connoisseur appreciates superior wine. They are individually created with the application of the same construction philosophy applied to a master violin. Among other secrets this means:

– Superior tonewood selection – Individual graduation of the thickness of the top in specific areas to allow the top to flex more near the edges, and hence, gain more of a deep, fundamental tone.

– Discrete bracing design matched to the top’s characteristics.

– Tops are individually finally tuned to basic harmonic tones in optimal tonal scale range.

– Each instrument is individually crafted for professional application by one of our master luthiers.

– Each instrument from Master Series is made by request.




Amber Road




Purple Heart


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